Why Direct Primary Care


We utilize a holistic approach toward helping our patients achieve physical and emotional health. Although medications sometimes are needed, we can also utilize nutrition, exercise, and alternative methods to get you into the best shape of your life.


Remember a time when you called the doctor, and quickly got an appointment? We want to bring that back. If needed, we will see you the day you call or the next business day. We are also available by phone, secure apps, text, and video visits. We can spend as much or as little time as you need to get you to good health. You’ll never feel rushed.


The monthly membership fee covers all of your visits for the year. This includes in person visits, secure apps, text, phone, and video visits. We also provide access to low cost labs and generic prescriptions. In most cases you will leave your visit with your medication in hand. Insurance is not billed and thus your insurance will not influence your care.


  • Thorough annual physical

    Recommended yearly screenings including full skin exam, breast exam, pelvic exam, prostate exam.

  • All other visits

    Chronic health condition check ups and all sick visits

  • In office procedures

    Skin lesion removal, simple abscess drainage, laceration repair, ear wax removal, nebulizer treatments, steroid injections

  • In office testing

    EKG, rapid strep, mono, urinalysis, urine pregnancy test, pap smear, and more

  • Amazing access

    In office, telephone, email, text, and video


  • Prescription medications

    Our in-office pharmacy dispenses prescription drugs with significantly lower cost than retail in most cases. Of course, any prescription we give can also be filled at any pharmacy you choose.

  • Laboratory tests

    Blood tests can be drawn on site. You can also choose to go to any lab.

  • Pathologist fees

    Microscopic analysis of pap smear specimens and skin biopsy specimens.

  • Imaging

    X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds done at the facility of your choice

  • Home visits

    At doctor’s discretion; cost varies

How is Direct Primary Care different from Traditional Primary Care?

In a traditional primary care practice, each doctor typically has between 2000-3000 patients, sometimes even more. It is often hard to get in when you are sick and you end up frequently having to go to an urgent care. The visits are typically only 15 minutes long and if you need more time, it can either feel rushed or the doctor ends up running really behind schedule. It often takes a few weeks to get in to see the doctor.

Outside of an appointment, it is hard to access the doctor in a timely fashion. Patients often get frustrated with the complicated phone systems and their questions get lost in translation between them and all of the levels of staff.

Costs are typically higher than a patient would expect as well. Even with insurance, co-pays are still common and with the emergence of high deductible plans, patients often end up paying the majority of the bills themselves outside of their insurance premium. Since a doctor is only paid when the patient is in the office, simple things which likely could be handled over the phone require an in office visit. Even if the doctor wanted to, it is hard to make a phone call to a patient since the doctor typically sees up to 30 (and sometimes more) patients a day.

In a direct primary care practice, most doctors limit their patient panel to 400-600 patients. With fewer patients to care for, the doctor can devote enough time to each and every one of them. Visit length depends on the needs of the patient, and is typically scheduled for no shorter than 30 minutes. Annual physicals are 60 minutes. A patient can request even more time if they feel they need it.

While not considered "concierge medicine", the perks are generally the same. Patients get amazing access to their personal doctor. In addition to face-to-face visits, the patient and doctor can communicate via phone, text, email, or video conferencing. The doctor will see you the same day or next business day in most cases.

Costs are actually lower than a patient would expect. Insurance is not billed, so you won’t get any surprise bills in the mail. Labs are drawn in the office and are much, much less expensive. Of course, we can always get labs and imaging done through insurance as well if the patient desires. Not every problem requires an actual in the office visit either. Sometimes we can tackle a problem other ways so you don’t have to miss more work or leave your house. Home visits are an option too!