Membership Pricing

Choose From The Following Plans:


  • One time $75 registration fee
  • Recurring $80 / month fee
  • or


  • One time $150 registration fee
  • Recurring $160 / month fee
  • Any two people using one payment method
    ie , , 1


  • One time registration fee of $75 per member
  • Couples Recurring price plus
    • $80 for each add'l. adult /
    • $70 for each add'l. child 1

All Memberships Include

  • Dr. McGilligan or Dr. Sharp!
  • Annual physical
  • All office visits are included, no co pays or office visit fees
  • Same / Next day sick visits 2
  • Communication with your personal physician (email, text, phone, video visits)
  • Many In-office procedures (Skin tag removal, Cryotherapy, etc, ask us about your needs )
  • Many in-office tests (EKG, rapid strep, urinalysis, and more)
  • Access to our in-house pharmacy and low costs labs. Many common medications and labs are between $4 & $12 when you don't use insurance.
    • You can still use your insurance for labs, imaging, and medications at any facility you choose.

We hired a great new doctor!

Dr. Laura Sharp is currently accepting patients and
is doing meet and greets free of charge.

Sign Up Today.

Contact us if you have any questions
or if you would like to do a meet and greet!

AND NO PHONE TREES! You can actually talk to real people when you call.

If we get swamped, just leave a voice mail and we'll call you back as soon as we can.

Pricing Available to Members of the Practice

Dr. Laura Sharp is currently accepting patients, Dr. Becky McGilligan has a waitlist.

Each Physician is limited to around 500 patients so that they can provide individualized, comprehensive, and readily accessible care to their patients.

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  • 1 Dr. Sharp is a Family Medicine Physician who sees patients of all ages. Dr. McGilligan is an Internal Medicine Physician who sees patients 16 and older.
  • 2 Same or next businesss day.