Membership Pricing

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a membership-based model for primary care. It allows more direct access to your physician. $80 per month covers all of your office visits and interactions with your physician. There are no copays or unexpected bills. We do not accept insurance for our professional services so that we can deliver outstanding care and give you longer visits. We do still recommend you have insurance for things like hospitalizations, specialist visits, etc. Read more ...


Age Price
26 and older $80
19 thru 25 3 $70
18 & under 3 $50
One Time Registration Fee: $75 per member

What's Included?

  • Comprehensive annual physical
  • No co-pays
  • Same/next day sick visits 1
  • Communication with your personal physician (text, phone, video visits)
  • Most In-office procedures (Skin tag removal, Cryotherapy, etc. Ask us about your needs. )
  • Most in-office tests (EKG, rapid strep, urinalysis, and more)
  • Low cost in-office labs 2
  • Automatic monthly hassle-free billing
  • No long term commitment (cancel anytime for any reason)

Our Physicians:

Becky McGilligan, MD

Dr. Becky McGilligan has a passion for helping people become and stay healthy. She utilizes a body-mind-spirit view that helps her get to know her patients and find ways to work together with them to get them to true health.

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Francis Dumont, MD

Dr. Frank Dumont forms patient relationships by gaining trust through active listening. Getting to know you and helping to coordinate your care is a principle he lives by.

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Katherine Dumont, MD

Dr. Katie Dumont was drawn to the direct primary care model because it allows her to take the time to strengthen relationships with her patients, the cornerstone of all good primary care practices.

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AND NO PHONE TREES! You can actually talk to real people when you call.

If we get swamped, just leave a voice mail and we'll call you back as soon as we can.

Pricing Available to Members of the Practice


  • 1 Same or next businesss day.
  • 2 You can still use your insurance for labs, imaging, and medications at any facility you choose.
  • 3 When added to another individual's membership. Any single individual regardless of age will be billed as a single individual.