Dr. Katherine Dumont

Dr. Katherine Dumont, MD

Dr Katherine Dumont loves being a doctor, but it wasn’t her first choice for a career path. From the time she was young, Katie loved reading and poetry and wanted to be a poet and children’s book author. It wasn’t until high school that she realized this was a rather impractical career plan, so she turned to her second love of science and decided to pursue medicine instead. Almost 2 decades into her career, Katie is sure she made the right choice!

Katie was born and raised in Anderson Township and always hoped to end up back there as a practicing physician. She went to University of Dayton for her undergraduate degree, where she earned a BS in biology with a minor in English Literature. She returned to Cincinnati for medical school and  graduated from University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 2004, finishing just over a decade after her father! Katie then completed residency training at William Beaumont Hospital in Troy MI before returning home to Cincinnati with her young son to begin practicing as a family doctor in Anderson Township, initially as part of her dad Frank’s practice, and then as part of The Christ Hospital Health Network. After twelve years as part of a traditional primary care practice, Katie realized that the demands of the insurance companies no longer allowed her to practice the thoughtful patient-centered type of medicine that she loved. She was drawn to the direct primary care model because it allows her to take the time to strengthen relationships with her patients, the cornerstone of all good primary care practices.

Katie spends her time outside of the office trying to convince her teenage son to play board games and hanging out with her herd of cats. She is a health and fitness enthusiast, and most recently joined Pure Barre.  Katie also loves crime dramas and detective novels, and frequently browses the mystery/thriller section at Joseph-Beth Bookstore looking for the next great novel.

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