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September / October Updates

Becky McGilligan / September 29th, 2019

McGilligan MD Launches New Date and Time for Walk with a Doc Program

McGilligan MD is encouraging Cincinnati residents to take a step toward better health with Walk with a Doc, a health program that... Read More

New Years Resolutions 2019

Becky McGilligan / January 1st, 2019

Happy New Year!

Did you make a New Years Resolution? In Ohio, as in many states, weight loss was rated as the #1 New Years Resolution of 2019. While a great goal, I would rather we rephrase it from... Read More

June 2018 Update

Brian McGilligan / June 24th, 2018

Summer is officially here! Have a mole that concerns you? Feel free to take a picture and text it to us via our Spruce application. Spruce is secure and HIPAA compliant. If you haven’t been in yet or haven’t... Read More

March 2018 Update

Brian McGilligan / March 14th, 2018

Opening Day was March 1st. We have been busy! From treating high blood pressure and strep throat to lancing boils and cutting out sebaceous cysts, each day is different and exciting. Dr. McGilligan is loving... Read More

January 2018 Update

Brian McGilligan / January 13th, 2018

Happy New Year! Our renovation is in full swing. We received our final permit this past Monday and the contractors, Incite Management Solutions, got quickly to work. They’ve pulled out all of the old cabinets... Read More

December 2017 Update

Brian McGilligan / December 2nd, 2017

McGilligan MD would like to thank everyone who has pre-registered. The response has been stronger than we’d imagined. It seems that patients are just as excited as we are about Direct Primary Care. Longer... Read More

Pre-Registration is now open!

Brian McGilligan / November 1st, 2017

McGilligan MD Direct Primary Care is planned to open March 1, 2018. So that we can offer unprecedented access to your physician and easy appointment availability, we are limiting the practice to 500... Read More

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