Point of Care Bedside Ultrasound: Improving Care and Saving Money

Becky McGilligan / August 8, 2018 / 2 minute read

Direct Primary Care saves money again (and frequently keeps patients out of the emergency room) Dr. McGilligan confirmed a loculated abscess by using the GE VScan Extend bedside ultrasound and then performed an incision and drainage. Typical cost for in-office incision and drainage is $265-960. Had this been done in an emergency room (most traditional primary care practices no longer do these types of procedures in the office but send patients out) it would have been well over $1500. Cost to our patients: $0. Included in membership.

McGilligan MD Direct Primary Care is currently investigating purchasing a GE VScan Extend bedside ultrasound and has the demo unit at the office currently. Potential uses include ultrasound guided joint injections in addition to being able to visualize the thyroid gland, the heart, the gallbladder, as well as veins in dehydrated patients (so we can get blood draws on even those difficult sticks). Think you have a blood clot in your leg? It seems these always show up at the office on Friday afternoons when it is nearly impossible to get a full ultrasound scan done at the hospitals. We can do a quick check in the office, start therapy, and then get the full scan at the radiology facility’s next available appointment. All of this at what cost to our patients? Nothing outside of the membership fees (with the exception of joint injections where patients have to pay the cost of the medication being injected).