June 2018 Update

Brian McGilligan / June 24, 2018 / 2 minute read

Summer is officially here!

Have a mole that concerns you? Feel free to take a picture and text it to us via our Spruce application. Spruce is secure and HIPAA compliant. If you haven’t been in yet or haven’t downloaded the Spruce app, reach out to us and we can get you hooked up! Texting is also great for rashes, cuts, and pink eye. Some patients have even used the Spruce app to text a picture of medications bottles of medications that need refilled.

Have a concern and want to speak face-to-face but are out of town or don’t want to miss work? Through that same Spruce app we can do video visits. These are included in the cost of membership in the practice.

We are regularly adding generic medications to our in-office pharmacy. If it isn’t listed on our website, we may still have it. We stock most antibiotics and steroids, so if you come in and are sick, you can choose to fill that script right in the office and not wait in line at the pharmacy. Of course, we are always able to send medications in to your local pharmacy as well.

Business is going well! We are about 80% full at this point. We have less than 100 spots available. We do offer special “Meet and Greet” appointments most days at noon for potential patients to meet Dr. McGilligan and decide if they want to become a patient of the practice. Call our office at 513-715-5044 to meet Dr. McGilligan.