March 2018 Update

Brian McGilligan / March 14, 2018 / 3 minute read

Opening Day was March 1st.

We have been busy! From treating high blood pressure and strep throat to lancing boils and cutting out sebaceous cysts, each day is different and exciting. Dr. McGilligan is loving having more time to spend with patients and being able to get them in when they are sick. We have been able to see every ill member patient that day or the next one.

Try not to be surprised when Dr. McGilligan calls you herself with your lab results. Sometimes she is even the one who will answer the phone! That really shocked one patient this week when her GPS was taking her the wrong way and she needed clarification on directions. (Also as an aside, some GPS units are taking people to the condos across the little woods. We are actually up the hill beside the Anderson Mercy Healthplex in Statewood Professional Park.)

If you’re still “on the fence” about joining, we welcome you to call and speak with Brian, the practice director, about the benefits of direct primary care and how the practice model works. For patients with insurance, you can view our practice as a much more affordable concierge option and still use your insurance (if you choose to) for labs, imaging, and medications at the pharmacy. If you are uninsured or poorly insured, you can still view us as an affordable concierge option, but also as a reasonable way to get access to a board certified primary care physician. (Not to mention…well I guess we are mentioning…low cost labs, near wholesale generic medications at our in-office pharmacy, etc).

We’d also like to share some more photos of our office as it was coming together.