Direct Primary Care Differs from Concierge Medicine

Brian McGilligan / December 2, 2017 / 2 minute read

As patients learn of my new practice, they often assume that I am opening a concierge practice. While the services I provide are comparable to the concierge practices in the area, there is quite a big cost difference.

Concierge practices such as MDVIP charge an annual membership fee and also take insurance. Insurance is billed for office visits and patients pay their copays just as they would at any traditional practice. Their membership fees (which range between $1,650 and $2,200 per patient nationwide according to their website) allow their physicians to take more time with each patient and provide a thorough annual physical. From talking to patients, I’ve learned that the annual fee here tends to range between $1,200 to $3,000, although I have heard of one practice charging $5,000.

McGilligan MD Direct Primary Care is different. We try to be more affordable, while still offering the same level of service as the more expensive practices. We charge $960 per year for an individual and $1,800 per year for a couple. Family pricing is also available. We also break that yearly charge down into a monthly membership fee of $80 per individual and $150 per couple, billed at the end of each month. Patients can cancel their memberships at any time. McGilligan MD Direct Primary Care will not charge for office visits. Your insurance won’t be billed and you won’t pay a copay.

As you can see, the services are the same, but the price is very different. With McGilligan MD Direct Primary Care, you can quantify how much you will spend on primary care for the year, regardless of how many times you see us. We are able to have lower overhead since we don’t bill insurance. You won’t receive bills in the mail months later asking you to pay your part of an office visit.

We simply want to provide more personalized, patient-centered care. By having a smaller practice size than a traditional primary care practice, we are able to spend more time with patients at visits and take the time outside of visits for the physician to discuss your concerns via phone, text, and email. We also offer telemedicine visits with your personal physician, not a physician you’ve never met in some other state, at no extra charge, when appropriate.