Direct Primary Care in the News

Brian McGilligan / September 8, 2017 / 1 minute read

Although fairly new to the greater Cincinnati area, the Direct Primary Care concept is not new. There have been practices like this since the 1990s but they are becoming much more common lately with the popularity of high deductible plans and the increasing cost of insurance.

Direct Primary Care is very popular in Indiana. This Inside Indiana Business article shows how DPC practices have grown in the state.

Forbes has had multiple discussions about Direct Primary Care, especially since Congress has been debating Healthcare Reform. In this article, Forbes discusses how DPC practices fit well into our current health care climate and may offer solutions for some of our current health care problems.

In fact, Forbes has been very supportive of the Direct Primary Care model for a while. Last year they focused an article on how DPC practices can improve chronic health conditions

The Wall Street Journal has published on Direct Primary Care as well. This particular article outlines key differences between Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine.