Direct Primary Care For Employers

Why Offer Direct Primary Care (DPC) To Your Employees?


McGilligan MD can offer a range of employer-sponsored plans that can work for employers large and small. Please contact us for details.

Benefits of DPC for Your Employees

  • Keep your employees healthy and working with our same/next day in-office sick visits or electronic visits.

  • We give patients the time they need to address all their concerns, not just triaging an issue.

  • Keep employees out of expensive hospital system care for many common needs.

  • Decrease referrals to specialists and orders for unnecessary tests.

  • Care from actual physicians with years of experience

  • Cost effective

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) recognizes DPC and allows it to be a covered benefit.

  • Low Cost RX medications are available in our in-house pharmacy.

  • Low Cost Labs available to all members of the practice.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative healthcare model which gives you easy access to the doctor of your choice. The DPC model is growing rapidly in popularity across the country. By paying a simple monthly fee, you become a “member” of a DPC practice. The Direct Primary Care model allows you to have a personal physician without the need to use medical insurance.

By removing insurance from the doctor-patient relationship, we are able to lower prices, provide longer visits, and meet your healthcare needs with personalized care. DPC physicians offer excellent primary care services, chronic disease management, disease prevention, urgent care services and much more.