COVID-19 Vaccine

Availability and Scheduling

We now have the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in stock and are receiving additional shipments. We have opened additional appointment slots over the next few weeks and will open more on a continuous basis. Check out the scheduler for exact dates & times.

Anyone 18 or older now qualifies for the Moderna vaccine.

COVID-19 Angry & On Attack

If you haven't been vaccinated yet, do your part to help end this awful pandemic. GET THE VACCINE ASAP. The sooner everyone gets vaccinated the sooner we can get back to some semblance of normalcy. All of the physicians of McGilligan MD recommend getting the vaccine.

This is open to the general public. You, your family members, friends, etc. are all free to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment even if they are not members of the practice.

PLEASE BRING YOUR PHOTO ID OR OTHER PROOF OF AGE AND INSURANCE CARDS(if you have insurance). Regardless of insurance coverage there is absolutely NO charge to you.

COVID Vaccine Scheduler

Additional appointment times maybe available. Please call our office (513.715.5044) to check for further availability or if you have any issues with the online scheduler.

NOTE: If you have a severve reaction to the COVID-19 Vaccine, please report it to VAERS

If you are unable to schedule, please join our COVID-19 Vaccine Update mailing list below as we will annouce additional days and times as more vaccine becomes available.

COVID-19 Vaccine Mailing List

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Please contact us ( if you represent an employer with employees that need to be vaccinated as we may be able to help.

Also ask us about our DPC options for employer groups. Offering DPC as an employee benefit can we a great way to retain employees and keep them healthy. DPC can also be included in self funded insured employers and a great way to actually lower your total cost of care.

We can work with businesses of virtually any size from small employers of just a few employees to large self funded employers. We have associated with other local DPC practices in the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area through our affiliate organization, Tri-DPC, for easy contracting with employer groups.