Bringing back the doctor-patient relationship.

Bringing back the doctor-patient relationship.

Providing individualized and easily accessible care

In our Direct Primary Care practice, you matter. You are not just a number; you are an individual with specific goals for your health. We want to help you accomplish those goals.

Direct Primary Care with a Holistic Approach

By taking the bureaucracy of insurance out of our primary care relationship, and contracting directly with our patients, we deliver individualized, easily accessible, care to help
you meet your goals.

Our Physicians

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Dr. Becky McGilligan has a passion for helping people become and stay healthy. She is driven by the belief that her patients are not simply the sum of their body parts and illnesses, but instead subscribes to the “whole person” view of healthy Read more!

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Dr Katherine Dumont loves being a doctor, but it wasn’t her first choice for a career path. From the time she was young, Katie loved reading and poetry and wanted to be a poet and children’s book author. It wasn’t until high school that she Read more!

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A longtime Mt. Washington and Anderson resident, Dr. Frank Dumont is a beloved figure in the local community. Having survived the infamous Beverly Hills Supper Club fire as a young man, his call to action was to help others based on this experience. Read more!

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7529 State Road

Cincinnati, OH 45255


Monday – Thursday

9am – 5pm, By Appointment


9am – 3pm, By Appointment

Saturday – Sunday


Additional Directions

Don’t rely on GPS. (even Google Maps gets it wrong sometimes!) Unless you use the “Get Driving Directions” link below you’ll probably end up in an apartment complex. We are not in an apartment complex…trust us, we are across the street from the Mercy Anderson Hospital. Same side/entrance as the Mercy Health Plex. Make an immediate left into the Statewood Professional Park. You’ll see a sign at its entrance. From there, follow the hill up until you see the McGilligan MD sign and make a left right before the sign. We also have a McGilligan MD sign by the door.

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