Bring back the Doctor-Patient Relationship

In our Direct Primary Care practice, you matter. You are not just a number; you are an individual with specific goals for your health. We want to help you accomplish those goals. By taking the bureaucracy of insurance out of our primary care relationship, and contracting directly with our patients, we deliver individualized, easily accessible, care to help you meet your goals. While we do not bill insurance, we still recommend patients have insurance for unplanned scenarios such as hospitalizations and surgeries. You can still use your insurance for labs, imaging, and medications at any facility you choose.

Individualized Direct Care from Your Doctor

We offer email, text, phone, and video visits in addition to the traditional in-person office visits. Your monthly membership fee covers all of these and you are not billed extra when seen or heard. We will keep our practice size much smaller than the typical internal medicine practice in order to see you the same day or next day when you are ill or hurt. Our goal is to eliminate the need for our patients to use an urgent care or retail clinic.

With our practice, you can expect to reach your doctor, directly, and receive individualized care with a holistic approach. You should also expect to not feel rushed. With our smaller size, we schedule longer visits to address your needs. With no co-pays, patients can also feel comfortable accessing care earlier than they may have in the traditional system.


Monday - Thursday
9am - 5:00pm, By Appointment

9am - 3pm, By Appointment

Saturday - Sunday


Don't rely on GPS. (even Google Maps gets it wrong sometimes!) Unless you use the "Get Driving Directions" link below you'll probably end up in an apartment complex. We are not in an apartment us, we are across the street from the Mercy Anderson Hospital. Same side/entrance as the Mercy Health Plex. Make an immediate left into the Statewood Professional Park. You'll see a sign at its entrance. From there, follow the hill up until you see the McGilligan MD sign and make a left right before the sign. We also have a McGilligan MD sign by the door.

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